Logo design: Typography of large brands


In this group of logos, the image (shape) plays a key role, even if we remove the “text” part, we can still easily recognize which brand’s logo. Therefore, most of the fonts of this logo line are sans-serif fonts that are quite simple, easy to see, easy to read, basic colors to focus visually on the image.

1. Avant Garde Gothic Demi (Adidas)


Logo Adidas

2. Myriad Pro Bold Condensed (Adobe)
Logo Adobe
3. Garamond (American Eagle)
Logo American Eagle
4. Optima Roman (Aston Martin)
Logo Aston Martin
5. Gotham Bold (DC Comics)
Logo DC Comics
6. Futura Bold Oblique (PayPal)
Logo PayPal
7. My Puma (PUMA)
8. LL Circular (Spotify)
Logo Spotify
9. Avenir 95 Black (Toyota)
logo Toyota
10. Univers Light (UNICEF)
11. Helvetica Neue 75 Bold (WhatsApp)
logo WhatsApp
12. Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No.20 (Youtube)
logo Youtube



For this group of logos, the decorated text becomes the main image of the logo. Therefore, the fonts used are also special and express the personality of the brand more, the colors are also more diverse than the above logo line.

13. Gill Sans Std (BBC)
logo BBC
14. Avant Garde Gothic (Calvin Klein)
logo Calvin Klein
15. Eurostile Ext Black (Casio – Toshiba)
logo Casiologo Toshiba
16. Futura Demi Bold (Dolce & Gabbana)
logo Dolce & Gabbana
17. Univers 53 Extended (ebay)
logo ebay
18. Klavika Bold (Facebook)
logo Facebook
19. Futura Bold/ Univers 67 (FedEx)
logo FedEx
20. Frutiger Black (Flickr)
logo Flickr
21. Futura Extra Black Italic (Gillette)
logo Gillette
22. Men In Blue (IBM)
logo IBM
23. Myriad Bold (iTunes – LinkedIn)
logo iTuneslogo LinkedIn

24. Helvetica Black (LG – Panasonic)

logo LGlogo Panasonic

25. English Towne (The New York Times)logo The New York Times

26. PhatBoy Slim (Playstation 3)logo Playstation 3

27. Myriad Semi Bold (Rolls-Royce)logo Rolls-Royce

28. Didot (VOGUE)logo VOGUE

29. Myriad Pro Bold (Walmart)logo Walmart

30. Walt Disney Script (Walt Disney)Theo colorme.vnlogo Walt Disney

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