Long An International Port is a project that The Monest poured all of its heart and soul into and implemented in the initial steps of establishing the company. As an agency in the field of design and brand identity, we are passionate about challenges from big projects, and The Monest has always conquered the satisfaction of even the most demanding customers.

Client: Long An International Port
Field of action: Service
Year: 2017
Location: Long An Province

Work category: Logo, Stationary, Sale kit, POSM, Signage systems.

Long An International Port’s logo is an integration of a ship visual and a 5-pointed star, a flawless combination that is careful in every perspective through the choice of typeface, image ratio, and space. The rhythm of the port’s name is reminiscent of sea waves. The logo image creates a position for the seaport in the mind to receive high-tonnage cargo ships from all over the world docking at the port in the Southwest region.

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