The hallmark of Hoi An 2013 is the project The Monest has cherished implemented for the community. Over the course of time, the buildings and monuments in Hoi An gradually disappeared, there were many places restored and replace with “new mantle”, losing the soul of the old town. In addition, the increasing number of tourists makes Hoi An become hustle and no tranquil landscape inherent.

Customer: Hoi An Ancient Town
Field: Tourism
Year: 2013
Location: Hoi An City, Quang Nam

Work Items: Logo design, Sketch painting, Concept design, Advertising poster system, Brand identity system.



The Monest began researching the project by drawing sketches of daily life and business of people in Hoi An. Thereby, we understand the cultural value and spiritual life of the people here is one of the rare beauty that tourist want to come to discover most. Therefore, we have written the Hoi An Hallmark project and designed a poster system to raise awareness of the community to preserve the traditional beauty of the ancient town.