FNB Training

FnB Training was founded with the goal of being a pioneer in the provision of human resources to the F&B industry. With the mission of “Unleash Your Potentials” the teaching staff of professionals with extensive industrial experience will awaken the ability in each student. More significantly, after completing the course and earning nationally recognized training certifications, all students will be employed.

Customer: FnB Training
Field: Training
Year: 2017
Location: Ho Chi Minh City


Work Items: Brand naming, Slogan design and composition, Brand image strategy building, Office identity design, Training curriculum design, Packaging, Signboard design, Event.



FnB chose to cooperate with The Monest to effectively and synchronously establish the brand image in terms of logo, slogan and message that FnB wishes to convey to its students, that is “IGNITE THE POTENTIAL IN YOU”. We have researched to come up with products designed with eye-catching images, slogans with a call to action and a brand identity that highlights the applicability and creativity of the F&B industry.