In the field of vocational training in the F&B field in Vietnam, FnB Training was born with the vision to become a pioneer in providing Human Resources for the market. With the mission from the slogan “INPUT YOUR POTENTIAL”, the teaching staff who are experts with seniority in the industry, will awaken the potential in each student. More importantly, 100% of the output will be available after attending the course and achieving a nationally valid training certificate.

Customer: FnB Training
Field: Training
Year: 2017
Location: Ho Chi Minh City


Work Items: Brand name, Logo design, Slogans, Branding strategy building, Office identity design, Training curriculum design, Packaging, Signboard design, Event.



FnB chooses to cooperate with The Monest in order to establish an effective and synchronized brand image in the aspects of the logo, slogan and message that FnB wishes to convey to its students, which is “STARTING” POTENTIAL IN YOU. “We have researched and launched products with eye-catching images, slogan with a spirit of call to action and brand identity that highlight the applicability and creativity of F&B industry.