MAMALU – a unique and interesting Sichuan food stall. Not only brings a sense of aftertaste, but also brings great culinary experiences. A special feature at MAMALU is the stir-fry dishes with typical Sichuan flavor with 5 different levels of spicy. When enjoying, not only can you feel the sweet and sour taste, but also feel the soul of the dish that the chefs blow on the ingredients selected by the diners.

Client: Food Services MAMALU Co., Ltd
Field of action: F&B
Year: 2019
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Work category: Brand Identity Design: Menu, signs system, POSM, flyer, perspective of food stall.

Coming to The Monest, we are in charge of designing unique brand identity publications: Menu, leaflet, signs, graphic text system, banner, fyler, standy, POSM, etc. We deploy the design of the area perspective for the whole food stall with the key partner. We create new experiences for customers in enjoying their meals, bringing experiences to both taste and sight.