The basis is a combination and interference of two educational backgrounds, Vietnam and Australia. The South Australia Vietnamese School demonstrates that the strength of Australia’s modern and scientific education system is not limited to educating and developing individuals. Moreover, it is the resonance from the Vietnamese educational aspect with the idea that people come first, know how to respect the instructor and respect the religion, and grow into a person with all excellent characteristics.

Client: South Australia Vietnamese School
Field of action: Education
Year: 2018
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Work category: Logo design, office publications, uniforms, Sales & Marketing publications set, Online identity kit, Indoor and outdoor sign system.

South Australia International School is currently teaching preschool, primary school and in the future will expand to secondary school. The Monest has had the opportunity to work and implement with the school in creating the concept of logo design to develop into a typical brand identity for the University.

thiết kế ấn phẩm văn phòng
trọn bộ ấn phẩm văn phòng