This is a competition organized by the 2030 Entrepreneur Club of Saigon Economic Times on the occasion of its 17th birthday. The competition is divided into eight teams, each of 25 members are all members of the club. Entrepreneurs 2030, organized based on entrepreneurship, is a rewarding playground for business owners.

Customer: 2030 Business Club
Field: Advertising
Year: 2019
Location: Ho Chi Minh City


Work category: Script writing, Filming, Editing, Illustrating, Motion graphics.

Team WAO is one of eight teams, inspired by the We Are One jets with the WAO number. With 25 crew members are entrepreneurs from diverse industries, owning businesses of different sizes. But thanks to the unique combination and ideas along with the slogan: “Breaking the limits to reach success”, we have successfully won the first prize of the competition. This is a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn and exchange with each other.