Over 60 years of operation in the beverage industry, Chuong Duong is now one of the leading companies in Vietnam with the products being affirmed in the market such as Sa Xi, Soda, Liqueur sparkling wine. In particular, the product of Sa Xi affirms its unique position in the market of Sa Xi flavored soft drinks.

Customer: Chuong Duong Sa Xi
Field: Food and Beverage
Year: 2015
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Work Items: Arrangement of the family’s altar, Food Stylish for cuisine, Responsible for the family meal on Tet.


This is a project The Monest is honored to cooperate with its predecessors. We are in charge of artistic images with the main role of Food Stylish for food-related spaces and a part of interior for this TVC. The Monest has cooperated with Tan Thanh Danh Company to build a TV bearing the Set atmosphere of the Vietnamese family, thereby exalting the product of Sa Xi Chuong Duong.